Shooting the high end

14th February 2019 0

Here’s a recent one for IBC365 that looks at the state of the current high-end camera and lens market.

Toyotaism and the broadcast industry

16th December 2018 0

Perhaps I need to get out more, but the whole idea of Toyotaism and Just in Time manufacture really rather fascinates me. So I did some digging and I wrote this up for a client.

VR, IBC, Diversity & More

23rd September 2018 0

IBC is to be applauded for the way it has skilfully managed to ramp up the number of women speaking on its panels from 14% to 37%. There is a ways to go yet, of course – about 13% by the looks of it – but it’s a start.

Carry on Camping: Confessions of a Fortnite Camper

14th August 2018 0

I am rubbish at Fortnite. I cannot land a shot to save my life – literally – and it takes me about a minute to build a rudimentary structure with my tongue sticking out all the time. But I can sneak and I can camp. In fact, it’s the best way to play the game.

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