There will be more VR than Ultra HD from Rio 2016

Rio: aerial shot

A piece written for RedShark that, while it majors on 8K, happens to include the rather astonishing fact – well, to my mind anyway – that you will be able to see more VR from Rio 2016 than 4K.

The Olympics are going to be the biggest 8K test yet

VR: Opening and closing ceremonies and one event per day.

4K: Zero. Nada. Nuffink.

There might be those among you going ‘eh?’ at this point.

Anyway, here’s an excerpt.

VR, 8K….You will have noticed by now that there is no 4K planned from Rio. OBS has consistently said that there is no demand for it from broadcasters, and indeed it has a point. The business side of the industry dictates that those rolling out 4K services in 2016 are pay-TV providers, and in general those aren’t the ones with Olympic rights.

That said, it is perhaps surprising that not more is being produced from the Games in the format. Indeed, the only 4K that we know about to date will be produced from a down-rezzed version of the 8K signal and is presumably destined for the post-Games highlights package market.


Photo credit: J.E.Skodak via / CC BY-NC-ND