The TV Industry in 2016 – The Importance of Personalization

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A piece I collaborated on with the team at Viaccess-Orca on the role that personalisation can play for broadcasters in shortening the customer journey. 

Here’s an extract:

In November 2015, the Harvard Business Review published a far-reaching article by David C. Edelman and Marc Singer titled Competing on Customer Journeys that encapsulated well the problems of catching the interest of newly empowered consumers. These, the narrative goes, have become used to mining information resources, abandoning any semblance of brand monogamy in a proactive quest to get the best prices and best services for themselves. Effectively they go on a journey, engaging in an extended consideration and evaluation phase which can lead to a purchase decision or can take them elsewhere.

The challenge facing companies — and in our context, the challenge facing broadcasters and operators — is to try and build a diversion on that decision journey; to shape the path and shorten the consideration stage, to compress or even entirely eliminate the evaluate stage, and thus deliver customers into a loyalty loop and ensuring they stay there.

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