Some Vegas for you

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

Apologies for the lack of content during April, but much of the month was spent either prepping for NAB, working (remotely) during NAB, summarising NAB, then recovering from NAB.

Did produce some stuff I can point to while I was at it though…

Before the show, wrote this for Viaccess-Orca: 9 Things to Do in Vegas While at NAB 2016.

During the show, produced a daily newsletter for RedShark. Here’s one of them:

And after the Show, various summations, rumination, contemplations and other forms of ation. Here’s one, again for RedShark, on the various audio developments from the showfloor: NAB 2016: of audio and increasing automation.

Normal service will be resumed soon. Well, normal-ish…it looks set to be a busy few months ahead of the build up to IBC when we do much of the same thing all over again!


Main image: CubanRefugee via / CC BY