Shooting the high end

Here’s a recent one for IBC365 that looks at the state of the current high-end camera and lens market.

The traditional snippet:

“[Cooke Optics’] Zellen charts the path of the recent zeitgeist, from vintage (which is becoming a constant presence) to the rise of anamorphic two years ago to the arrival of large format in 2018.

“The drivers vary too, which means lens companies have to be sensitive to demand coming from different directions. Anamorphic lenses were originally designed to utilise more 35mm film area, but are being used in the digital era because they impart a signature look with a shallower depth of field and characteristic bokeh, flare and vignetting. It’s an artistic demand, one that Zellen says Cooke is even seeing on sports production “for live cinematic cutaway shots during play to highlight emotional moments on the field.” The need for large format lenses, meanwhile has been driven by the camera manufacturers debuting the models.”

Read the full article here: Shooting the high end