Security threats and the growing Internet of Things

A really interesting one that I’ve just completed for Viaccess-Orca that looks at some of the developing issues that surround the Internet of Things. Future phrases you never want to hear include “Some bugger’s hacked the toaster” or, rather more seriously, “OMG, the car’s crashed again.”

You can read the full post here – Securing the Internet of Things as it Heads Mobile – but here’s an excerpt.

“The sense is that we are in the foothills of a whole new exciting era with the IoT stretching before us. Analysts agree too. Gartner again says that 6.4bn connected objects will be in use by the end of 2016, a 30% rise on last year, with 4bn of them in the domestic space. What’s more, that domestic figure will jump to 13.5bn ‘things’ by 2020 (20.8bn in all), representing an overall yearly consumer spend of $1.5 trillion ($3 trillion overall).

Over the course of this current year, 5.5m new ‘things’ will get connected to the internet every day.

The numbers are astonishing. What’s more they are at the low end of projections too. Bell Labs President, Marcus K Weldon, writing in ‘The Future X Network: A Bell Labs Perspective’ suggests there will be as many as 500 IoT devices per household in the same timeframe and a total number as high as 60bn.

His very next phrase is the key here though: “The attack surface is massive.”


I’m not one for scare-mongering and ‘Internet ate my hamster’ sort of stories, but there is definitely a developing issue here.

In the meantime, here’s The Big Bang Theory presaging the whole thing back in 2011 when it was somewhat funnier than it is today…