RED Hydrogen: hype, hoopla and holograms

Quite proud of this one: a story about the forthcoming RED Hydrogen smartphone that first featured on RedShark News.

A forthcoming Android smartphone isn’t the most exciting news in the world, but when it’s RED behind it, whatever your view of the way they’ve disrupted the camera industry, it becomes significant. Since Hydrogen was announced at the start of the summer, however, details have been sparse and leaked out via a marketing campaign that seems to be composed of as much smoke & mirrors as it is proper information.

News though that the company had taken up a substantial investment in Leia Inc, formerly Leia3D, meant that we could finally pin down some of the technology behind the new gizmo, specifically the holographic display that the company insists is such a game-changer.

It was fun tracking this back via YouTube and some presentations given as far back as 2015 at Mobile World Congress, and even to a Nature front cover story from March 2013, back when Leia was still part of an in-house HP R&D effort.

Here’s what Nature said at the time: ” A team working at Hewlett-Packard’s laboratories in Palo Alto has developed a new multiview 3D display that is particularly well suited to mobile devices, which require thin displays with high spatial resolution and a wide-angle view zone. Central to the new device is a set of directional grating pixels, associated with different views and colours, etched on the backlight surface. The display uses an LED-lit backlight very similar to those in use in LCD screens today, and is demonstrated in action in transparent hand-held prototypes showing animated sequences of up to six different 200-view images at a resolution of 127 pixels per inch.”

Whether it’s all come on enough since then to be as truly game-changing as RED claims is something that we’ll just have to wait and see; wait and see until they at least stop simply showing the amazed reactions of a few tech journos and industry celebs and start letting a few more people see it.

Full story here: RED Hydrogen: Now we know how the holographic screen works.