Beavering away behind the scenes

18th August 2017 0

A lot of the work I’ve been doing recently falls under the category of content marketing, which means a lot of the work I’ve done recently gets attributed to someone else. That’s part of the gig, but it is nice when something you do goes out under your own name.

Another reboot – pulling out of Facebook

24th April 2017 0

Having recently pulled out of Facebook myself (lost password, noticed stress levels dipped markedly when not checking it, decided not to reset password) I can appreciate why the Guardian and the BBC have pulled out of its Instant Articles initiative.

Why sexism stops here amongst the five year olds

14th October 2016 0

I was watching one of my daughter’s favourite programmes, StormChasers, with her yesterday, and in one fairly chaotic scene an excited group of storm-chasing twenty-something meteorologists is trying to work out what’s going on with a wall cloud and where a possible tornado might be forming. Man A speaks without comment. Man B speaks without comment. Woman A speaks. “What do you know, girl?” says my daughter. WTF?

Busy, busy, busy – but proof that I still do exist

20th July 2016 0

Work ticks on, life gallops along, and in the tumult occasionally mere things like website updates are overlooked. But here’s proof I do actually work for a living and don’t spend all summer parked in front of Le Tour…

Security threats and the growing Internet of Things

26th May 2016 0

A really interesting one that I’ve just completed for Viaccess-Orca that looks at some of the developing issues that surround the Internet of Things. Future phrases you never want to hear include “Some bugger’s hacked the toaster” or, rather more seriously, “OMG, the car’s crashed again.”

The high energy cost of HDR

9th May 2016 0

Consumer testing data from the US indicates that 4K TVs consume an average of 30% more power than HD, and HDR is even worse.

Some Vegas for you

2nd May 2016 0

Apologies for the lack of content during April, but much of the month was spent either prepping for NAB, working (remotely) during NAB, summarising NAB, then recovering from NAB.

Confessions of an ex-news junkie

28th March 2016 0

Once upon a time if I wasn’t plugged into the grid, I wasn’t really switched on myself. But then the grid became bigger, I started drawing too much information, and the fuses blew…

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