Border Point – the future in 350 words

10th March 2016 0

Several years ago, the rather excellent New Scientist held a short story competition where you had to imagine the future in 350 words. So, one hungover morning, I wrote this. It didn’t win but I still rather like it.

Meanwhile, at Mobile World Congress…

1st March 2016 0

Not that I was, you understand. When it comes to gentlemen and gentlewomen of the press, by far the most efficient way of monitoring the really big tradeshows nowadays is from a distance and simply surfing the tsunami of information that pours out from them.

VR: the hidden agenda

22nd February 2016 0

Suddenly, with this single picture, the billions of dollars invested in VR research all make sense.

Content marketing: from Sky to Barcelona

20th February 2016 0

A couple of pieces I’ve done recently for Viaccess-Orca. The first is one of our regular looks at significant news in the TV industry, the second a quick Barcelona Guide for visitors to MWC 16.

10 years after: Marrakech and travel writing

12th February 2016 0

I’ve never done any professional travel writing. Having bucked the odds and got into music journalism with Sounds a quarter of a century ago, trying to roll a 7 again and getting into the vastly more competitive travel market always felt like it was going to be more trouble than it was worth when there was a living to be made elsewhere. Here’s an extract from the start of a blog I first made notes on, well, 10 years ago today…

Conspiracy theories by the numbers

3rd February 2016 0

Oxford University’s Dr David Grimes has come up with an equation to describe just how long conspiracies are likely to stay hidden before being revealed

What we learned from CES 2016

21st January 2016 0

This year’s CES in Las Vegas saw TVs get literally rolled up as 4K HDR became the de facto standard, VR kit hit the market at a much higher price than anyone expected, and, in a bravura performance, Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, turn on the service in 130 countries while he was making his keynote speech.

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