The importance of UX in OTT

What is the point in offering thousands of hours of content if you can’t find where it is?

A recent article for IBC365 which has one of those concluding sentences which are always rather lovely when they come along:

“Content might very much still be King, but it’s the electoral system that chooses the monarch which is the real power behind the throne nowadays.”

A snippet:

” Designing the User Interface that drives that UX is not an easy task, especially given the constraints of the TV set as a delivery platform. There is a limited amount of premium screen real estate to play with, users sit an average of 3.5 metres away from the screen, and the control devices used for navigation are imperfect to say the least, and usually limited to basic direction buttons and ‘select’. All this has shaped what has become the default user interface across the industry over recent years: content is presented in rows, everything is visually driven with text kept to a minimum, the need to go down levels is minimised wherever possible, and focus state is clear and obvious (a viewer should be able to look away from the screen, look back, and still know precisely where they are). A television-based UI needs to be uncluttered, accessible, and simple to use.”

Full article here.