Gosh but it’s been a while: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the dangerous world of product recalls

Here’s something that I’ve just written for RedShark to prove that I am still here. Work, fatherhood, voluntary work…all of it makes little time for website updates (which is a poor excuse but it is mine own).

Many cameras and smartphones have been recalled over the years, not just for over-active batteries, but Samsung’s mishandling of the latter stages of its Galaxy Note 7 recall will probably go down in history as one of the most damaging recalls yet seen.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 went on sale in 10 countries, including the US, on 19 August. A little under two months later, the company is shipping impressively multi-layered fire-proof boxes and gloves out to customers to send them back and has halted production of the units to the background music of its share price falling off a cliff and wiping $19bn off its value.

All of which must be a bitter turn of events for it after it was praised so highly for its initial global product recall of 2.5m phones on 2 September. The problems were blamed on a batch of batteries from one particular supplier. These were replaced, and by the 29 September the company confidently asserted that over 1m users worldwide were already using the Note 7s with the safe battery installed.

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