Border Point – the future in 350 words

10th March 2016 0

Several years ago, the rather excellent New Scientist held a short story competition where you had to imagine the future in 350 words. So, one hungover morning, I wrote this. It didn’t win but I still rather like it.

VR: the hidden agenda

22nd February 2016 0

Suddenly, with this single picture, the billions of dollars invested in VR research all make sense.

Conspiracy theories by the numbers

3rd February 2016 0

Oxford University’s Dr David Grimes has come up with an equation to describe just how long conspiracies are likely to stay hidden before being revealed

The hunt for the Moon landing tapes

13th January 2016 0

Over forty years ago, on July 20 1969, Neil Armstrong descended the steps of the Lunar Lander and became the first man ever to walk on the surface of the moon. The resulting images are some of the most iconic ever captured. They also aren’t the original. Much, much better ones were transmitted but have been lost over the years. Houston, as the saying goes, we have a problem…

The fine art of prediction

12th August 2015 0

In an industry that sets so much store on predicting the near future and trying to make some sound business sense of it all as it goes along, rewinding five years and seeing the slight mess of the predictions we’ve made for 2015 is always constructive.

 What you need to know about…3D printing

12th March 2015 0

3D printing is either the new bogey technology of the mainstream media that will see our children printing off the guns to kill us from the cupboard under the stairs, or the saviour of civilisation that will have us printing all our domestic goods from said cupboard, including a good set of handcuffs too presumably.