Carry on Camping: Confessions of a Fortnite Camper

14th August 2018 0

I am rubbish at Fortnite. I cannot land a shot to save my life – literally – and it takes me about a minute to build a rudimentary structure with my tongue sticking out all the time. But I can sneak and I can camp. In fact, it’s the best way to play the game.

Why sexism stops here amongst the five year olds

14th October 2016 0

I was watching one of my daughter’s favourite programmes, StormChasers, with her yesterday, and in one fairly chaotic scene an excited group of storm-chasing twenty-something meteorologists is trying to work out what’s going on with a wall cloud and where a possible tornado might be forming. Man A speaks without comment. Man B speaks without comment. Woman A speaks. “What do you know, girl?” says my daughter. WTF?

Confessions of an ex-news junkie

28th March 2016 0

Once upon a time if I wasn’t plugged into the grid, I wasn’t really switched on myself. But then the grid became bigger, I started drawing too much information, and the fuses blew…

10 years after: Marrakech and travel writing

12th February 2016 0

I’ve never done any professional travel writing. Having bucked the odds and got into music journalism with Sounds a quarter of a century ago, trying to roll a 7 again and getting into the vastly more competitive travel market always felt like it was going to be more trouble than it was worth when there was a living to be made elsewhere. Here’s an extract from the start of a blog I first made notes on, well, 10 years ago today…

The importance of online mindfulness

12th January 2016 0

One of the things I’ve been increasingly puzzling about recently is the disconnect between our online lives and our real ones; the personas if you like that we present to people in the real world and the ones that we forge for ourselves online.