Beavering away behind the scenes

A lot of the work I’ve been doing recently falls under the category of content marketing, which means a lot of the work I’ve done recently gets attributed to someone else. That’s part of the gig, but it is nice when something you do goes out under your own name. 

This is a fairly recent one for Viaccess-Orca that went out in May. The headline is more tweaked towards SEO than anything, so is perhaps not the most useful route into the piece, but the main thrust of the article regards the transition point where it makes sense for broadcasters to switch from satellite to internet delivery.

Here’s a quick snippet:

A Deutsche Bank report points out that the per stream costs of OTT mean that any channel with more than 125,000 daily viewers will find OTT comparable to satellite in 2017 – that currently describes over 5000 of Europe’s satellite distributed TV channels, some 77% of the total.

The situation is changing rapidly, though. Those streaming costs are falling at the rate of 15-20% per year as network architectures evolve. This means that that same threshold figure will have risen to around 250,000 daily viewers by 2020. And that covers 5700 of Europe’s channels, leaving just the very top 1000 that will find it more economical to be distributed by satellite in three years’ time.

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