stout 4 b+w 200Who me? I’m a freelance journalist specialising in writing about broadcast and film technology for a range of outlets. Nowadays that means I also write about mobile, IPTV, computing and pretty much any other medium which involves putting a moving picture on a screen somewhere along the line. I also copywrite for a range of corporate clients, run inbound marketing and social, sub-edit, edit, and research…Basically, if it involves words, I do it.

Current clients (the past 365 days or so)




MJO Broadcast

RedShark News


White Noise PR

I have also written for:
Bubble & Squeak
ISE Daily News
SVG Europe (I set that one up)
The IBC Daily
TV Technology

More people I write/have written for:

Numerous corporate clients (Avid, BKSTS, IBC, Quantel, Sony, Sony Professional, VMI etc)
Numerous PR clients
Numerous websites

All in all, 25 years of doing this for a living has resulted in quite a long list, but highlights include: The Face, Edge, Computer Arts, Sounds (that’s where I started), and, as the ads say, many more.