2016: The Year Reality Becomes Virtual

VR image

One that I contributed to for Viaccess-Orca: 2016: The Year Reality Becomes Virtual.

Have to admit, I was a real skeptic about VR when it first reared its head again and Zuckerberg ploughed some of his many billions into Oculus Rift. I think I still am when it comes to the broadcast industry too. As with Stereo 3D it feels too much of a jump for the viewer.

But for gaming, I can see its applications clearly, and the Sony Playstation VR announcement could be the catalyst for great things: all they need now is the killer app.

All in all I tend to find AR a bit more of a compelling story than VR. Sure it needs some further technological enhancements, but with the likes of Magic Touch already planning on lobbing images directly into people’s eyeballs, those don’t seem too far away. Add in 5G connectivity and you have a proper Augmented Reality just a flick of a switch away from you at all times, the gaiafield as I believe sci-fi author Peter F Hamilton has referred to it as. And that’s something I can buy into.

It’s just a question of whether today’s tech can deliver enough of an immersive experience that that gaiafield future feels like a natural progression and an evolution of what we have in the here and now as opposed to a complete step change akin to the development of rocket pants.

And for the record, rocket pants are very overdue…